Young Black Dreamers Workshop

with Black Dads Germany

2 Jun 24, 2.00–6.00 pm


“Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real” (Tupac Shakur)

In this second of three workshops, Black Dads Germany would like to collaboratively illustrate the story created in the first Workshop.

“Our workshop will center on the profound impact and significance of dreams and imagination. In a world where reality can often feel flawed or disillusioning, dreams emerge as beacons of truth and significance that extend beyond the confines of our everyday experiences. Embracing hope and nurturing aspirations, especially amidst adversity, becomes paramount. Consequently, dreams embody an authentic and profound dimension of human existence, deserving of recognition and reverence. Rather than trivializing or undervaluing them, we recognize dreams as vital wellsprings of inspiration, motivation, and authenticity.” – Alain from Black Dads Germany

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