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Anna Mirkin & Katharina Trudzinski

6 Oct–4 Dec 22

Upon entering Galerie im Turm, the exhibition space appears to expand beyond its walls rendering visible the massive columns of the so-called working class palaces of Karl-Marx- Allee. At every hour of the day, during the progression of the chilly autumn months, the columns are bathed in the warm light of what turns out to a lying sun – one that shines but gives no warmth.

In their collaborative work Anna Mirkin and Katharina Trudzinski integrate the immediate surroundings of A Lying Sun‘s two exhibition venues: Tel Aviv, Jaffa and Berlin, Friedrichshain. The artists playfully allow the two urban landscapes to merge, disrupting and expanding them with their sparkling glitches. In doing so, they explore the potentials of digital three- dimensionality, specifically in regard to the individual shaping and appropriation of public space and urban architecture.

A Lying Sun is a collaboration between Almacén Gallery and Galerie im Turm. The continuation of the exhibition will be shown at Almacén in March 2023.

About the artist

Anna Mirkin is a multidisciplinary artist born in Moscow (1983), currently living and working in Berlin. Her work involves the use of drawing and painting as sculptures and installations through duplication and repetition of patterns. She merges different disciplines and mediums in her practice, combining textile, print and embroidery with participatory and community-based projects. Her work explores the collective sub consciousness that appears in everyday situations and cultural rituals.

Katharina Trudzinski is a Berlin-based sculptor. She studied textile design and fine arts at Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg. Katharina’s aesthetic solutions appear to come out of nowhere: unexpected visitors to our reality. The large sculptures carefully balance physical forces and humor.


Graphic design: Avihai Mizrahi
Installation team: Carlos Busquets
Head of production: Carolina Redondo
Gallery invigilator: Daniela Schoepe
Installation team: Danilo Cozzi
Graphic design: Edvin Osvath
Wallpaper photography: Eric Tschernow
Gallery invigilator: Ferdinand Gieschke
curatorial assistance: Gianna Ehrke
curator: Helen-Sophie Mayr
Installation team: Ignacio Rivas
Project collaborator: Yaniv Lachman
curator: Yolandé Gouws

The curator would like to thank the team of Galerie im Turm and of Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien: Stéphane Bauer, Serkan Sevincli, Josef Stöhr and the exhibition supervisors.

Galerie im Turm is a facility of the district office Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.