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Adam Kraft

28 Sep–26 Nov 23

Opening: 27 Sep 23, 6.00–10.00 pm

Lily Wittenburg
KERFE feat. Bonksy
Leonie & ALLE die mitspielen
the Cittipunkt Librarians
+ many more


Utopian margins must remain elusive, vague, secretive, a place that emerges and recedes in practical relationships with others.
–Avery F. Gordon*

AN— is a social, material, and spatial bricolage, where meals, screenings, workshops, and other gatherings are offered up at the threshold of an intimate and public space.
Some of the bricolage for these get-togethers are remains and echoes from the An-Bau and the An-Akademie: unruly infrastructures that unfolded informally at the site of the former Bauakademie in Berlin (2017–2022).

* The Hawthorn Archive: Letters from the Utopian Margins. New York: Fordham University Press (2018): XII.


Curator: Helen-Sophie Mayr
Gallery invigilators: J. Ferdinand Gieschke & Daniela Schoepe

Galerie im Turm is a facility of the municipality department of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.