Artist Talk

mit Onur Çimen & Helen-Sophie Mayr

30. Mrz 24, 18.00–19.00 Uhr

Das Künstler*innengespräch findet in englischer Lautsprache statt.

„To get to the bottom of Çimen’s assemblage you might require a bit of time“, states the exhibition text of Dense is the darkness. The artist talk between artist Onur Çimen and curator Helen-Sophie Mayr enables a kick start into that particular density. They will probe into Çimen’s material selection of Greek and Sumerian mythology alongside West-East-Asian folk tales and elaborate on the significance and meaning behind the three figures juxtaposed within Çimen’s writing: Inanna, Şâhmârân and Athena. Moreover, they will delve into the role of creative writing as a means of empowerment, exploring how Çimen leverages narrative and textual craft within his works to foster a reevaluation and reshaping of predominant narratives.

Refreshments will be available, and the talk may transition outdoors if weather permits ????

Photo: Raisa Galofre