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Dense is the darkness*

Onur Çimen

15 Feb–28 Apr 24

Vernissage: 14.2.24, 6pm

„And stories lost their variety after that, except for those from some people who buried their alphabets to recover that lost multiplicity.“

A diffuse light casts shadows across the voids which unfurl in between the lines of floatingtext – and makes them vanish just as quickly. For Dense is the darkness* Onur Çimen assembles continuously shifting landscapes that emerge from adapted conversions of ancient narratives. Temporal and geographical limits are transcended as the artist interweaves threads of mythology with contemporary perspectives. The reinvented and expanded tales summon subtle disruptions that call into question the rigidity of established storylines, the narratives they encapsulate and, consequently, the epistemic legacies they uphold.

*quote from the Epic of Gilgameš


Accompanying programme

About the artist

ONUR ÇIMEN works on various modes of sharing texts and narratives. He is a writer and also translates between Turkish and English, which is often presented as self-published formats. Literary traditions of re-telling and visual aspects of language are his main interests recently.


HEAD OF PRODUCTION: Carolina Redondo
GALLERY INVIGILATOR: J. Ferdinand Gieschke
INSTALLATION TEAM: Francisco Martinez
CURATOR: Helen-Sophie Mayr
ASSISTANT: Pauline Cabon

Illustrations in collaboration with Bilge Emir

Galerie im Turm is a facility of the municipality department of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.