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Pole der Unzugänglichkeit

Ana Alenso, Eren İleri, Dina Khouri, José Montealegre, Elisa Strinna

20 Jul–17 Sep 23

Opening: 19 Jul 23

Many names have been given to the remotest place in the ocean: “South Pacific Ocean Uninhabited Area” (SPOUA) defines it as furthest away from inhabited land. “Spacecraft Cemetery” describes the region as the designated crashing site for space debris. “Point Nemo” (Nemo=Nobody) suggests a point in “no man*’s land” and “Pole of Inaccessibility” refers to a location that matches the geographical criteria for physical unreachability.

These designations convey narratives that neither take non-human existences nor the destructive impact of human life on oceanic ecosystems into account. In this context “inaccessibility” implies a claim to potential (colonial) enclosure in the future.

The Pacific pole of inaccessibility is the starting point for the exhibition, which explores the condition of and anthropocentric approach to supposedly inaccessible places in the ocean and beyond.

Pole der Unzugänglichkeit is the second part of the exhibition series
 – conceptions of (extra)terrestrial worlds between reality and fiction.



and Live Modular Performance by ILYICH
Jul 19, 23, 6–10 pm

Artist Talk
with José Montealegre
Aug 6, 23, 5–6 pm

Workshop in Simple Language
Traces of Humankind with F3_kollektiv
Aug 23, 23, 3–5 pm

Artist Talk
with Ana Alenso
Sep 3, 23, 5–6 pm

Haunted Waters with Nonhuman Nonsense
Sep 7, 23, 6–8 pm

Curator’s Tours
Into the Underground with Johanna Janßen
Jul 26, Aug 2+9+30, Sep 6+13, 23, 6–7 pm


Photo: Silke Briel
Photo: Silke Briel
Photo: Silke Briel
Photo: Silke Briel
Photo: Silke Briel
Photo: Ana Alenso
Photo: Silke Briel
Photo: Silke Briel
Photo: Silke Briel


Curator: Johanna Janßen
Head of production: Carolina Redondo
Installation Team: Carlos Busquets, Danilo Cozzi, Josephin Hanke and Juan Sáez
Gallery supervision: J. Ferdinand Gieschke and Daniela Schoepe

The curator would like to thank the Team of Galerie im Turm and of Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, who are: Dani Hasrouni, Helen-Sophie Mayr, Johanna Böker, Josef Stöhr, Sofía Pfister, Stéphane Bauer and the team of supervisors.

Funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Community: Multi-Sector Funding, Exhibition Fund Municipal Galleries and Fund Exhibition Fees for Visual Artists.

Galerie im Turm is a facility of the municipality department office Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.