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Dort, wo das Nichts ist

Yen Chun Lin & Tanja Nis-Hansen

7 Dec–4 Feb 24

Opening: 6 Dez 23, 6 pm

Black holes are nothing.
Black holes are special because there’s nothing there. 
There is no thing there.
– Janna Levin*

A radiant yellow-orange ring encircles profound darkness, the shadow of a black hole. This globally acclaimed image was released in April 2019, realised through the synchronised data processing of eight
telescopes positioned around the Earth. A complex technical endeavour that made a thing that is nothing and a place where there is no thing perceivable.

Half a century earlier, another space photograph known as “Earthrise”, captured during the Apollo 8 mission in 1968, gained social significance. This depiction of the rising Earth, intricately marbled with pale veils and enveloped by darkness, mirrored the fragile planet as a global village and thus motivated environmental awareness and activism.

What could be contemporary projections resulting from the documentation of a black hole? Which worlds emerge through this (technical) translation of nothingness into image and sound

Dort, wo das Nichts ist is the third part of the exhibition series
– conceptions of (extra)terrestrial worlds between reality and fiction.

*Levin, J. (2020/22). Black Hole Survival Guide (p. 3). Random House UK.


Yen Chun Lin and Tanja Nis-Hansen, installation view, photo: Juan Saez
Yen Chun Lin and Tanja Nis-Hansen, installation view, photo: Juan Saez
Tanja Nis-Hansen, “The biggest mystery in the universe II”, 2023, installation view, photo: Juan Saez
Yen Chun Lin, “Stranded Debris”, 2023, installation view, photo: Juan Saez

Accompanying programme

About the artist

YEN CHUN LIN lives and works in Berlin.
In her artistic practice, Yen Chun Lin creates immersive soundscapes with sculptural elements. In her works, she examines natural phenomena that appear inexplicable or supernatural and juxtaposes them with the concept of knowledge as it relates to “informative” rational science. The sounds she produces explore inaccessible pasts stored within dust as a sound recorder or delve into the physical state and boundary space of falling.
Yen Chun Lin most recent solo exhibition Here, a nut falls twice was presented at ICA London (United Kingdom) and accompanied by two performance evenings in November and December 2022.

TANJA NIS-HANSEN lives and works in Berlin.
Tanja Nis-Hansen’s artistic practice spans the media of painting, text and performance. Her work examines the psychological aspects of a human response to an internal and external environment in disruption. The use of semiotic elements around and within painting is an ongoing part of Nis-Hansen’s artistic research which can be understood as a fascination for language and writing as well as an inclination to deal with text as ornament. With a semi-autobiographical approach, she takes up motifs such as waiting rooms and spiral staircases to reflect on the labor of the body, exhaustion, and illness.
Recent solo exhibitions include Freaky Weather at Solito in Naples (Italy), Impatient Girl at palace enterprise in Copenhagen (Denmark), Employee of the Month at Vestjyllands Kunstpavillon, Videbæk (Denmark) and The Great Spaghettification at Sans Titre in Paris (France).


CURATOR: Johanna Janßen
HEAD OF PRODUCTION: Carolina Redondo
INSTALLATION TEAM: Carlos Busquets, Danilo Cozzi, Elon, Erik Ritzel
GALLERY INVIGILATORS: J. Ferdinand Gieschke und Daniela Schoepe

The curator would like to thank the Team of Galerie im Turm and of Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, who are: Dani Hasrouni, Helen-Sophie Mayr,  Pauline Cabon, Josef Stöhr, Sofía Pfister, Stéphane Bauer and the team of supervisors.

Funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Community: Multi-Sector Funding, Exhibition Fund Municipal Galleries and Fund Exhibition Fees for Visual Artists.

Galerie im Turm is a facility of the municipality department office Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.