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– Conceptions of (Extra)terrestrial Worlds between Reality and Fiction

1 Mar–30 Sep 24

Exhibition Series 2023/24

More than half a century ago, the picture of the first footprint on the moon circulated around the world; today, headlines about terraforming plans to make planets like Mars habitable go viral. These attempts to open up (extra)terrestrial worlds can be understood as driven by curiosity for the distant and unknown. At the same time, they represent an anthropocentric narrative of technological progress and growth which is extended beyond the surface of the earth into the cosmos and the depths of the oceans.

The exhibition series Schwindel reflects on the perception of the human and the earth at the center of the cosmos and questions the Western linear understanding of space and time within this construct. The title Schwindel, which in German describes a state of vertigo, serves as a speculative metaphor for deviations from spatial and temporal orientation. Schwindel refers to a fragile moment of instability that has an inherent transformative potential when it turns orders and hierarchies on its head.

The metaphor of Schwindel is based on the relationship of the human body to the earth and consequently on the bodily sensation when leaving the earth’s surface. When floating weightlessly in space or plunging into the depths of the ocean, the eyes can no longer make out points of orientation and the sense of balance in the ears is not functioning. When the information transmitted from the sense organs no longer matches with the movements of the body, the question arises: does infinite space and time revolve around the body or does the body revolve around itself?

The exhibition series Schwindel is divided into five exhibitions. It will run for two years and is structured accordingly in two parts, Unpacking the Past and Present (2023) and Speculations on the Future (2024).


March 2 – April 30, 23
Der Raum überwindet Zeit und Mensch
Andrea Pichel, Daniel Gustav Cramer, Maxime Jean-Baptiste, Audrey Jean-Baptiste, Ipek Burcak

July 20 – Sep 17, 23
Pole der Unzugänglichkeit
Ana Alenso, Eren İleri, Dina Khouri, José Montealegre, Elisa Strinna

Dez 7, 23 – Feb 4, 24
Dort, wo das Nicht ist
Yen Chun Lin & Tanja Nis-Hansen

May 9 – July 21, 24
Wor(l)ding Dreamers
invited by hn. lyonga

The exhibition series Schwindel is made possible by funds from the Multisector funding of the Senat for Culture and Community.

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